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Hong Kong Printing & Packaging Expo 2024 (HKPP)

April 25 , 2024

    As one of the international business centers, Hong Kong holds various packaging and printing exhibitions of different sizes every year, providing a platform for the industry to exchange and cooperate, and also showing the latest technologies and trends. 


  The following is an overview of the Hong Kong Packaging and Printing exhibition and its impact:  


1. Overview of Hong Kong Packaging and Printing Exhibition
As one of the most important business and trade centers in Asia, Hong Kong hosts a number of international packaging and printing exhibitions every year. These exhibitions usually cover everything from packaging design and materials to printing technology and equipment, attracting professionals from all over the world.

2. Exhibition content
Packaging design and innovation: There are usually packaging design companies and designers from all over the world to show the latest design concepts and innovative works.
Packaging materials and technology: The exhibition also involves the display of various new packaging materials, such as environmentally friendly materials, functional materials, etc., as well as the most advanced packaging production technology and equipment.
Printing technology and equipment: The exhibition usually has a variety of printing technology and equipment display, including digital printing, lithography, flexible printing, etc., as well as related software and solutions.

3. Influence and significance
Promote industry exchanges and cooperation: The Hong Kong Packaging and Printing Exhibition provides a platform for the industry to exchange and cooperate, and promotes international business contacts and technical exchanges.
Leading the development trend of the industry: The exhibition shows the latest packaging design concepts, materials and technologies, which help the industry to understand the development trend of the industry and promote the innovation and progress of the industry.
Promoting international trade: As an international trade center, Hong Kong's hosting of packaging and printing exhibitions helps to promote international trade, attracting buyers and investors from all over the world.
Enhance Hong Kong's position in the global market: As an important display platform for the packaging and printing industry, Hong Kong's position and influence in the global market have been enhanced by holding exhibitions, and its competitiveness as an international business center has been enhanced.

4. Look to the future
With the continuous development of science and technology and the promotion of environmental awareness, the future of Hong Kong packaging and printing exhibition is expected to pay more attention to innovation and environment  .


Meijia team will be there and meet you , welcome to our booth ,and check more new products . 



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