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Sedex Certificate From Meijia Tin Box Factory

July 26 , 2023

  Tin cans can be divided into three categories according to the process at the bottom, which are gong bottom cans, buckle bottom cans and stretched cans. Stretched cans are different from the other two, and there are several points that need to be paid special attention to when making them : 


1, The deformation of the printing pattern, due to the stretching of the can body, the original printed pattern on the surface will be deformed to varying degrees, so this problem should be taken into account in the design of the tin can, so as to avoid serious inconsistency with the design pattern after the tin can is formed;


2, The surface of the stretched can will have different degrees of blackening, the smooth oil can is more obvious, even if the printed can, after stretching, the color of the stretched part and the part that has not been stretched, there is a big difference, stretched can manufacturers, so we should communicate with customers in advance;


3, The tensile can has certain limitations, the height can not be too high, otherwise it is easy to pull the explosion, the height of the cutting can can not be greater than the diameter, the stretched can manufacturer, the stretched can has higher requirements for iron material, can not be too thin, at least 0.25mm iron material should be used. 


Tin cans compared with other packaging, Meijia Tinbox  relys on the common outstanding characteristics, the use of the scale gradually expanded, and by the broad consumer like, the largest user is the food industry, touching "tea, moon cake, health and beauty, sugar, edible oil, table, tea box packaging, moon cake box packaging, tea tin can packaging.


Tinplate it has more than any other packaging materials than the barrier, gas resistance, moisture resistance, shading, fragrance, coupled with a solid seal, can better protect the product, metal can itself with metallic luster, coupled with colorful graphic printing, but also add the beauty of the product, making the packaging level is high, consumers in the gift, Products packed in metal cans are usually selected. 


Now , Dongguan Meijia Tinbox Co.,Ltd achieved Sedex , FDA, ISO9001,SGS inspection and certificates etc . More info. please check :

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