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How does the packaging of tin box reflects the product function and appearance texture ?

August 02 , 2023

  We  know how important the packaging of a product is, especially for food packaging, food packaging can prevent the damage of external elements, can adhere to the stable quality of the food itself, and facilitate the consumption of food, and attract the attention of consumers. Nowadays, the food packaging methods in the city are colorful, and the packaging supplies are also various.


      Food packaging paper is closely related to food hygiene and safety, food packaging is as important as food, so food packaging paper must not be neglected. So, how does the packaging of tinplate show its functionality?

Follow the editor to understand clearly. First, text setting: Culture is a kind of cultural essence in our country, for example, the text design on the good and tea boxes, and the application of some fonts containing aesthetic ancient styles as much as possible, such as the Chinese new Wei and official script can make people look more pleasing to the eye. Second, the tinplate box color collocation is clever, can give customers a pleasant feeling, the color itself also has meaning attributes, so the color collocation must be careful. Third, the sealing effect: tea in the usual storage, is the need for sealed storage understanding, I believe we all understand, assuming that the long-term exposure, it is very simple to affect the quality, drink stale.


   Therefore, when choosing tea tinplate box packaging, strengthening the sealing effect is the top priority for manufacturers. The tinplate material used in the metal can packaging has good impermeability and lightness, which can reasonably prevent the contents from being oxidized by the air exposed to sunlight and prevent the invasion of air pollutants, so it has the characteristics of safety, environmental health, physical and mental health. The raw material of the iron box packaging bag is tinplate, which is a kind of environmental protection and recyclable, so the iron box packaging is a kind of state-supported packaging information.


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