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How To Check Food Grade Tin Can

October 11 , 2023

 Food tin box is a food packaging box made of tinned steel plate as raw material and made by different processes such as welding, stamping or buckling, which can be used to package and protect food. 

When the finished production of food iron box is completed, the finished iron box needs to be inspected to see whether its quality meets the relevant standards.
Common standards mainly include the following four aspects:

1, the main view standard: the front of the box picture is placed in front of and below the sun, the outer surface of the food box can be observed.
2, the main parts of the standard: reflect the main body of the food box pattern, text, box marks and bar codes and other positions.
3, whether there is a scratch standard: food box printing surface is not greater than 0.3mm*20mm, no scratches.
4, non-main viewing surface standard: the surface of the iron box other than the main viewing surface, such as the back, side, bottom, inner surface, etc.
Of course, it is not enough to check whether the finished food iron box is qualified by these standards, but also to check the leakage caused by trachoma, whether the printing is correct and complete, whether the welding is symmetrical and so on.
Nowadays, food iron boxes have been unanimously recognized by the market from the appearance or material of the product, and many consumers are also more inclined to use food iron box packaging products. Why is this happening?
First of all, the food iron box is a packaging container between rigid packaging and flexible packaging, using white board paper, various colors of cardboard and fine corrugated cardboard folded or paste with other materials. The packaging material has certain flexibility, rigidity and high compressive strength, and is not easy to deform compared with the bag type flexible packaging container.
Secondly, the appearance of the iron box is changeable, and the installation effect of various flat patterns and colors can be achieved on the surface of the paper box with the help of printing technology, which is conducive to increasing the visual impact of the product and playing an effective promotional role. If it is made of composite processing paper with metal foil or plastic materials, it can replace rigid packaging containers made of glass, ceramic, metal and plastic materials in many occasions.


Food packaging box, its production process is more stringent than the general packaging box requirements, involving a wider range, in the United States, food packaging requirements rise to the same as food inspection standards, packaging boxes must meet food-grade standards, visible people's attention to food safety. As a professional manufacturer of tinplate packaging box, Meijia  factory explains the basic requirements of food packaging for you in detail:


1. Basic requirement is security. Because food packaging boxes are in direct contact with iron, safety is very important, and the most basic thing is to be harmless to the human body. Ensure that the food packaged in iron boxes meet the national health regulations, if it is exported iron boxes to meet the relevant health standards of FDA and import countries.

2. Basic requirement is tightness, because the food usually deteriorates due to microorganisms, so the food tin must have reliable tightness, so that after the food is heated and sterilized, it can no longer be contaminated by external microorganisms.

3. Basic requirement is corrosion resistance, a large part of the food box contained in the food has a certain amount of nutrients, organic acids and certain compounds, in the high temperature and high pressure sterilization process will decompose, thereby intensifying the corrosion of the box, so in order to ensure the long-term storage of food, the selection of iron cans must have good corrosion resistance.

4. Basic requirement is convenience. As a container for storing food, it must be convenient for consumers to carry and eat, and it must have the conditions for long-distance transportation.

The fifth basic requirement is to be suitable for industrial production, tinplate box in the production process to withstand a variety of mechanical stamping, curling, welding and other processes, and the demand is large, the need for mass production, so it must have the factory mechanization, automation production requirements, while high efficiency, stable quality, low cost and can meet the needs of modern production management.

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