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How To Choose Tea Cans

July 27 , 2023

The tea can should have good sealing performance, good moisture, light, odor and oxidation resistance. Such tea cans are good utensils for storing tea.


 Meijia Tinbox tea can packaging custom factory from different parameters, with superb production technology, to ensure its excellent printing performance, iron can tea can to maintain performance characteristics:


1, the surface decoration is good, tinplate luster beautiful, with bright colors and graphic printing and advanced canning processing technology of tea can packaging factory, can form a good image.


2, tin can tea can is environmentally friendly packaging, garbage disposal performance is good.


3, due to the high strength of the tin can tea can, in the process of loading and unloading, transportation, storage, etc., it is difficult to deform and reduce consumption.


4, easy to open, and iron has a strong destructive anti-counterfeiting function.


Because the tin can tea cans have such significant performance characteristics, the current tin can tea cans have become the main packaging method of tea packaging, with tinplate packaging materials, the tea packaging is made into tin can tea cans gift cans. Nowadays, using tea as a hand gift is very common in China, including many foreigners will choose Chinese tea as a gift.


Meijia can tea can packaging customization factory can customize tinplate tea cans, tin cans, tin cans, iron boxes, for cosmetics, daily necessities, health products, food, tea cans, gifts and other products to provide metal packaging customization services.


The tea can is tightly packed, which can well isolate the contact between tea and air, and has a good effect on moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, anti-light and anti-odor. At the same time, the iron can itself has no odor, and will not affect the original fragrance of the tea. 


How to choose a right one tin for your tea : 


1. Zisha tea tin can: Because the material of zisha has double porosity structure and is porous material, the tea tin made of Yixing Zisha mud has good air permeability and is used to store tea, which can keep the tea fresh, and can dissolve and volatilize the different flavor in the tea, so that the tea becomes mellow and delicious, and the color is as new.
2, wood tea cans: good sealing performance, moderate price, suitable for general storage of tea, but not moisture-proof.
3, paper tea cans: sealing performance is general, low price, suitable for public family use. This tea tin is not suitable for storing more expensive tea. After the tea is placed, it should be drunk as soon as possible, and it is not suitable for long-term storage.
4, stainless steel tea can: sealing performance is good, the price is medium, moisture-proof, light-proof performance is good, suitable for family storage of general tea.
5, tin tea can: good sealing performance, anti-light, moisture-proof, anti-odor performance is good, suitable for storing more expensive tea. But the price is too high to be cost-effective.
6, bamboo tea cans: general sealing performance, moderate price, suitable for storing low and medium tea.
7, ceramic tea can: sealing performance is general, light, moisture resistance is good. Disadvantages are not durable, poor storage, there is a risk of breaking. It's more fun to watch.
8, iron tea cans: the sealing performance is general, the anti-light performance is good, but the moisture-proof performance is poor, the time is long, and it may rust. Not suitable for storing precious tea.


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