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Irregular Packaging Tin Box

July 28 , 2023

   The market is very popular to sell tinplate can packaging products, such as milk powder, drinks, gifts, snacks, tea, coffee, candles, candy and so on. Why are these products keen on tin packaging?


   First of all, as we  know that the shape of tinplate cans is strange, there are round cans, spherical cans, square cans, shaped cans, shaped cans and lip, heart, car, belly shape, oval, animal shape and so on. Many consumers may feel that these common cans, such as round cans and square cans, are too ordinary and have no attractive places. Therefore, they are often attracted by some new things, and special-shaped cans are particularly in line with the aesthetic cans of consumers, and the more special things the more they want to explore. 


 In the cosmetics industry, heart-shaped, lip-shaped, flower-shaped cosmetics boxes, will arouse women's young hearts, Kawaii appearance, exquisite patterns, bright colors, in the eyes of consumers can not look good.


In the tea industry, tea cans are generally atmospheric grade, send friends and relatives feel more face. Tea culture is a traditional culture inherited from ancient times to the present. It has a long history, and even foreigners love to drink Chinese tea. There are many types of tea, tea packaging cans are also many, we often come into contact with may be square, round, rare pot, or other special-shaped cans.


In the food industry, the food industry has little requirements for the shape of the tin, but the quality requirements such as the sealing degree and hardness of the tin are a little high. Can itself is very rigid, extensibility is good, can be made of various shapes. There is no doubt about the tightness of the tin can. The edging machine and manual edging are added to make the tin can without any gaps.


For different products, the use of different tin can design, show your sales concept, so that your products deeply rooted in people's hearts. Dongguan Meijia Tinbox  Co., LTD., focusing on the processing of customized tinplate cans, iron boxes, PET/PVC drums and various printing has been more than 10 years, with a professional technical team and a complete pre-sale - sale - after-sales service system, and cooperate with many enterprises at domestic and abroad .

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