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The Protective Effect Of Candle Tin Can Packaging

August 03 , 2023

   The advantages of tin cans are good surface decoration performance, beautiful metal luster, and in the process of loading and unloading, transportation, storage and other processes, it is not easy to deform and reduce losses; And the tin is environmentally friendly packaging, waste disposal performance is good. But these cans are also very useful, for many purposes. It can be used for the following purposes: gift jars, candle jars, metal buckets, badges, coasters, tinplate toys, music boxes, cigarette boxes, pencil cases, etc.


Anything will have defects, the advantages of iron cans are more convenient to carry, easy to transport, not easy to damage. The disadvantage is that it is easy to corroded (especially liquid items), affected by external temperature, and the storage period is short. The tin can is superior to any other material in terms of barrier, air resistance, moisture resistance, light shading, fragrance preservation, etc., and has reliable sealing and can reliably protect the product. 



1. Candle box: A candle box is a container specifically used to store candles, usually made of metal, wood, or plastic. They protect the candle from dust and damage and help maintain the shape of the candle.
2, glass containers: Glass containers are a common container choice because they can withstand high temperatures and are able to display the beautiful glow of candles. Choose a glass container with a certain depth and wide mouth to better accommodate the candle.
3, metal TIN CAN containers: Metal containers can well withstand the high temperature of candle burning, and has good durability. Metal containers such as iron, copper and tin are all good choices, but make sure the bottom of the container is flat for stable support of the candle.


For the candle tin can , good mechanical properties: tinplate cans relative to other packaging containers, such as plastic, glass, paper containers, etc., the strength is large, and the rigidity is good, not easy to break. Not only can be used for small sales packaging, but also is the main container for large transportation packaging.
Excellent barrier property: tinplate can has excellent barrier property than any other material, gas resistance, moisture resistance, light shading, fragrance preservation are good, coupled with reliable sealing, can reliably protect the product.
Mature process high production efficiency: tinplate can has a long history of production, mature process with a complete set of production equipment.

They are more attractive and elegant. The metallic layer gives the jar a shiny and smooth effect, reflecting light and creating a stunning effect. The jars come in various colors, such as gold, silver, copper, rose gold, etc. You can choose the right color according to your home decor or personal preference.
3. They're more diverse and functional. Jars can be used not only for candles, but also for other purposes, such as storing spices, powders, tea, candy, etc. The jar also has a bamboo seal lid, which is both airtight and environmentally friendly. They keep the contents fresh and prevent dust and moisture from entering.


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