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Tin Cans Pack Variety Types Of Food

August 23 , 2023

    The application of tinplate is very wide. It can ensure the hygiene of food and effectively prevent health hazards. It also meets the needs of modern people who are convenient and fast in diet, and can also meet the diversified needs of today's packaging and consumer preferences, and is popular with consumers. 

   The first has high-quality raw materials, the second has exquisite canned production technology, the third has excellent packaging materials tinplate。

   Tinplate, also known as tin-coated iron, is commonly known as electroplated tin sheet steel, which refers to the surface of a layer of tin 。


Tinplate cans provide a closed system that is completely insulated from environmental factors except for heat. The product will not deteriorate due to light, oxygen, moisture and other reasons, and the stability of food storage is better than other packaging materials.
一、 Strong oxidation resistance:
The barrier of packaging containers to air and other volatile gases is very important for the preservation of nutrients and sensory quality. We did an experiment, by comparing various juice packaging containers, we found that the oxygen transmission rate of the container directly affects the Browning of the juice and the preservation of vitamin C.
The investigation results show that among many containers, the oxygen transmission rate of metal cans, glass bottles, aluminum foil glue and paper boxes is low, and the preservation of vitamin C is better, among which iron cans are the best. 


二、 Low light impact:
In addition to sealing, light can also trigger deterioration reactions in foods, as well as changes in proteins and amino acids. After vitamin C is exposed to light, it is easier to interact with other food ingredients, resulting in a large loss.
According to the study, milk in clear glass bottles lost 14 times more vitamin C than milk in dark bottles. Light will also cause milk to produce oxidative odor, as well as nuclide, methionine and other cracking and loss of nutritional value.
三、Long storage life:
Tin has a reducing effect, and the tin inside the tin wall will interact with the oxygen remaining in the container during filling, reducing the chance of food ingredients being oxidized.
It has a good preservation effect on the flavor and color of light colored fruit and juice, so that the Browning change is slight, the acceptance of flavor quality is better, and the storage period is extended.


四、 Mature process high production efficiency:
Tinplate can has a long history of production, mature process with a complete set of production equipment, high production efficiency, can meet the packaging needs of various products.


五、 Good printing performance of metal materials:
The pattern trademark is bright and beautiful, and the packaging container produced is eye-catching, which is an excellent sales packaging
In summary, tinplate cans have special properties that make the preservation rate of vitamin C the highest, the preservation of nutritional value is also the best, and it is the best choice for canned fruit 。







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