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What are the advantages of tin packaging?

June 20 , 2023

Tin can packaging box with low pollution, recyclable, resource-saving characteristics of tinplate cans, in the future packaging use, will have a broader space for development。



Tin packaging as a food package contains the following benefits:
  ① Good surface decoration can stimulate consumption and promote sales

  ② It has excellent mechanical properties, mainly in high temperature resistance, humidity change resistance, pressure resistance, insect resistance, resistance to harmful substances erosion
  ③ it has excellent barrier properties
  ④ not easy to break, easy to carry, adapt to the fast-paced life of modern society

  ⑤ It can be recycled in the furnace

  ⑥ recyclable:
Food packaging cans themselves have a feature that other packaging materials do not have - can be adsorbed by magnets, so you can use the magnetic separator to separate the cans from the waste, using this feature can easily achieve the effect of recycling 80% of the cans, and the invention of environmental protection cover, not only the use of cans safer, sanitary, and limited reduction in the amount of garbage, It has a direct and obvious benefit to the recycling operation.

  ⑦ low pollution:
The main raw material of tinplate can packaging is tinplate, in fact, it is environmentally harmless and can be naturally decomposed, because when the tin can exists in the environment, it can be naturally oxidized and returned to the original iron oxide state, return to nature, so the pile of waste tin can be decomposed by time, and will not remain to cause environmental pollution, and the production of tin cans does not have to cut down trees, not to destroy the ecological balance.


The iron box packaging itself has excellent properties that other materials do not have, such as our barrier, gas resistance, moisture resistance, shading, etc., which actually set off the strong security performance of the iron box packaging on the side, which can protect the product itself well, and its own material reasons also make its printing performance quite good. All kinds of bright and beautiful patterns are available.


Meijia manufactures type of tin boxes since 2005, especially in irregular tin cans .


Our products cover as follows:

1)Gift Packaging Box

Watch Box,Cosmetic Tin,Stationery Tin, Saving Box,

Handle box,CD&DVD Case,Promotion Tin etc.

2)Dry Food Container

Coffee tin,Biscuit Box,Candy Box,Mint Tin,Wine Box,Chocolate box and so on.

3)Tin Craft Product

Candle Tin,Cigarette Box,Coaster Tin,Tray, Ice Bucket etc

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