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What are the requirements of tinplate tin box and tin can food packaging ?

September 11 , 2023

     Food materials should be canned in time after processing. In order to ensure the quality of tinplate cans and make the size, color, shape and so on of the food in each can fundamentally common, it is necessary to strictly operate when filling tin cans: 


1, Content: including net content and solid content. Each can shape and each type of can has its regular net content (solid content). When filling cans, it is necessary to ensure that the weighing is accurate and the error is controlled within the range promised by the quality standard (usually the net content of each can is ±3%, but the average value of each batch is not lower than the net content of the rule). In order to make the quality meet the requirements and ensure the accuracy of the weighing, it is necessary to check the table often and weigh regularly.


2, Quality: canned food requirements of the contents of the same tank size, color, maturity and other fundamental common, and food materials due to various factors of quality is very different, so it is necessary to carry out reasonable deployment in canning, and pay attention to size, color, maturity and other fundamental common, so not only to ensure the quality of goods, but also to improve the utilization of materials, reduce costs.


3, Top gap: For most cans, it is necessary to adhere to a moderate top gap when canning, usually 6~8mm. The size of the top gap affects the vacuum degree of the can, the sealing of the rolling edge, whether the attack of "false fat listen" or the corrosion of the inner wall of the dented tank and metal tank, resulting in the discoloration and disintegration of food, etc. If the top gap is too small, during heating and sterilization, because the expansion of the food and gas in the tank increases the pressure in the tank, the container is deformed, the rolling edge is lax, and even the scene of exploding joints and jump caps. Too much content together also forms a waste of materials; If the top gap is too large, the external pressure of the can after sterilization and cooling is much higher than the internal pressure, which is easy to form a dented can. In addition, the top gap is too large, in the case of insufficient exhaust, there are more residual gases in the tank, which will promote the corrosion of the inner wall of the tank and the oxidation discoloration and disintegration of the commodity, so it is necessary to leave the appropriate top gap when filling the tank. Some canned goods with special requirements for the top clearance should be performed according to the specific request.


4, Meijia tin box  factory strictly avoid mixing inclusions into the tank: canning is to pay special attention to cleanliness, adhere to the tidiness of the operating table, and small tools, finger covers, wipe cloth, rope, etc. unrelated to canning are not allowed to be placed on the working table. Together with strict rules and regulations, work clothes, especially work caps, it is necessary to dress neatly according to the request, stop canning with watches, rings, earrings, etc., and strictly prevent inclusions from mixing into the tank to ensure the quality of goods.


5,  Time control: after processing qualified semi-products to be canned in time, can not backlog, otherwise it will be due to the reproduction of microorganisms and the disintegration of semi-products, affecting the sterilization effect, affecting the quality of the business. For hot filling goods, if the sauce, juice, etc., if it is less than the fashion can, it can not ensure the temperature requested by the can, and the effect of hot filling and exhaust gas can not be achieved, it will affect the vacuum degree of the product. There are also goods that will increase the temperature due to the backlog of semi-products, which is higher than the temperature required by the technical requirements, and the quality of the products is questionable. For example, the temperature of meat mince when canned meat production requires canning usually does not exceed 13 ° C, otherwise it is easy to show the question of fat and jelly separation.


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