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What do you need to pay attention to custom tinplate cans ?

August 07 , 2024


  Nowaday, packaging is as important as the product. In a supermarket, you can find about 30,000-40,000 common products, which means that the competition between various professions is fierce. In this case, the packaging shows the first impression on the consumer. What ultimately affects the decision to buy a product is the packaging. Today's packaging is versatile. It does more than just protect the  products from environmental elements and harsh handling. It has evolved into a work of art, which includes content about product quality and manufacturers. If the packaging is not good, attractive, bad etc, people will be hesitant to test and use your product.


   It is very important to use your LOGO, common planning and high-grade materials in customized iron boxes. Customized packaging can be considered logo planning to provide a larger surface area. You can choose your own plan printed in the iron box. However, if you don't have any specific planning ideas, our planning team can consider you helpful. Our professional planner knows what's on the market. With our expertise and intaglio printing technology, we will ensure that your three-dimensional packaging looks better than the packaging of your competitors, thus winning the market. 


  So to the tin box spot color printing, tin box spot color printing on the color card may be directly printed with iron samples (that is, the customer provides sample reference with color), spot color is generally first adjusted ink, and then printed so that there is only one color, of course, according to the customer's product design, it can also have different shapes and different pictures, several spot colors superimposed together to form a different The color and the picture, because the spot color is not the color that hits out, so there is no dot on the surface, it seems to be relatively smooth, standing in an unprofessional point of view is difficult to distinguish, it can only be a strong difference in speech.


What about four-color printing?

   Four-color printing is printed with four basic inks in blue, red, yellow and black ( CMYK ) , using offset printing, which can print out many different pictures, and carefully observed with a magnifying glass, you can see that there are dots on the printing, so CMYK printing is actually composed of a combination of dots. 


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