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Why should the inside of tinplate cans be printed ?

July 06 , 2023

We found that the inside of the tin can also have a layer of color or print glitter, after opening the can .  This special material applied to the inside of the tinplate box packaging is used to prevent the contents of the package from eroding the tinplate box, the wall is free from contamination of the contents, and can better extend the storage time of the contents. On the edge of the food packaging box, we can clearly see that the application of this layer of decorative paint is not only to prevent corrosion, but also to protect the tinplate box packaging from external scratches and rusting. And this layer of paint can also add a little beauty to the tinplate box

The coating must be a non-toxic harmless, tasteless, good adhesion, good adsorption, good flexibility and corrosion resistance, and to have good high temperature resistance, in the case of high temperature heating will not produce harmful substances, will not lose the original luster and some other properties. So what exactly is this paint in there? Such coatings are phenolic resin coatings, epoxy-phenolic resin coatings, acrylic resin coatings and aluminum powder coatings.

In the final analysis, the surface or internal coating of the tinplate box packaging can play a role in preventing oxidation, protecting the tinplate box from rusting, preventing damaging chemical components when packaging special contents, and enhancing the beauty of the tinplate box packaging to a certain extent, giving consumers a sense of security and more assured when purchasing products.  


For Example the cosmetic tin box :  


1, the first and most direct role of each packaging material is its excellent barrier and moisture resistance, these two properties are important factors to protect the product, but also make its shelf life more long, whether the sealing is good is mainly to see whether there is gas entering, and the gas resistance of the tinplate box packaging is also undoubted, reliable sealing, can better protect the product, Is a relatively good sales packaging;
2, for the metal container is also showing a diversity, many manufacturers can be based on the actual needs of customers to make it into different shapes, such as our common round and square, or oval and polygon, etc., these different appearance products meet the needs of users packaging, but also packaging is easy to have more variability, Thus capturing the love of a large number of consumers;
3, of course, the beauty of the iron box packaging is also quite good, itself with metal luster elements on the above, coupled with more colorful graphics printing, to the overall appearance of the product added a lot of points, and  high grade price , which is more favorable for sellers, and for consumers, It is also quite common to send some gifts with higher packaging grade.

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